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Equine Breeding & Reproduction

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We offer equine reproductive management services for your horse breeding program, from mare management and hormone tracking to artificial insemination, neonatal foal care, and more.

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Equine Breeding Management

Whether it's your first time breeding your horse, or you are a seasoned pro, our reproductive management services can help your horse achieve a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Our ultrasound-guided evaluations will follow your mare through her cycle to determine the best time for breeding. Our veterinary professionals will help you hormonally control your mare's cycle to help optimize your breeding program.

At Taylor Veterinary Emergency, we offer convenient boarding options to ensure your mare is well cared for during her pregnancy and your beautiful foal is delivered safely.

Equine breeding & reproduction, Turlock Vets

Breeding Services at Our Clinic

At Taylor Veterinary Emergency, we offer the reproductive services you need to produce and maintain the healthiest foal, including:

  • Artificial Insemination (fresh cooled or frozen semen)
  • Estrus induction and suppression in females
  • Ovulation timing
  • Stallion Collection
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and management
  • Neonatal foal care
  • Foal watch

Benefits of Artificial Insemination for Horses

Equine artificial insemination offers huge advantages for breeders. Allowing for more genetic selection from studs all over the world and allowing you to breed your mare without traveling.

Beyond convenience, you are also protecting the mare from the costs and hazards of travel and potential exposure to infectious disease and injury. Travel and changing facilities are stressful too, and a stressed mare is less likely to be fertile.

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